AODC: Open Data to Connect a Continent

In this session we'll hear highlights from work across Africa and plan priorities for a civic tech event for Francophone Africa in March 2017 - who should join? What issues should we focus on? How do we ensure participation for those in Diaspora and others who cannot join in person? Live Notes: Virtual Participants:

Civic actors across Africa use open data to drive growth, unburden bureaucracy, build innovative solutions to tough problems, and improve lives. An open approach allows others across the continent and across the world to use and adapt these ideas. This session will showcase great solutions, demonstrate the shared value of open data for public and private sector, and strengthen networks that convene current and new open data enthusiasts for Africa.

Examples of advancements in Africa that use open data or would benefit from the improvement in quality and availability of open data and that have similar initiatives in other sectors or countries, or that have solved the problem of silos and have scaled across. How civic tech actors with shared goals connect, and what can improve from quality of the data and documentation, technical capability of individuals, or quality of a networks and community building for organizations to connect. What are the priorities of Francophone Africa & what should be on the agenda and who must participate in a small workshop & larger civic tech event for Francophone Africa?

2:45-2:50 mins Intro, Overview, and Welcome 2:50 - 3:00: Overview of Harnessing the Data Revolution & SDG Country Data Roadmaps 3:00 - 3:20: Trends & Successes of Open Data Across Africa - Nnenna Nwakema - Reliable access to internet in Cote d'Ivoire & Across Africa - Emmanuel Abdul Saffai - role of the law in pushing for transparency, EITI in Sierra Leone - Video: Professor Umaru Bah- Open Data in the Diaspora: The Morgan Open Data Initiative - Richard Gevers - Working with local & city governments for open data policies & civic tech engagement - Katherine Townsend: Value of Community Tech events: TechWomen, East Africa Open Data Conference, Francophone Open Data 3:20 - 3:25 Introduction of Francophone event proposed for Burkina Faso in March 2017 - Malick Tapsoba, Government of Burkina Faso 3:25 - 3:55: Open Call & Planning on Francophone Event for Open Data 3:55 - Wrap-Up & Close 5-30 mins: Lightning talk presentations, 3-5 minutes apiece answering: What problem are we trying to solve, how is data useful in the problem, how open data was used and/or what open data will be useful, and stand out lessons learned of failures & success. Moderation strategy: Will provide a framework for each presenter that follows this format and will run through the presentation at least once weeks ahead of time and repeat where necessary. Slides may be on automatic advancement a la ignite talks to ensure timeliness.

30 - 35: transition to breakouts 35 - 70: Roundtable discussions Facilitator format to follow:

70 - 78: Brief readout of core findings of each table

78-80 Close and thanks

Will provide top line summary of presentations and any slides online ahead of the event to ensure that the focus stays on discussion and not on show and tell. Speaker/Breakout Facilitator & topics to approach:

Follow the Money - Olu - Budgit Drones/satellites to track land use - Rose Funja - AgriInfo Mapping out health centers - Nate Smith - DevSeed Monitoring Elections - TBD... Ushahidi? Getting accurate prices for goods - mFarm

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