FutureTDM: Mine The Government

FutureTDM is a project funded by the European Commission to identify current barriers to text and data mining (TDM) in Europe. Through research and stakeholder engagement our aim is to produce solid European-wide recommendations that address and reduce these barriers on a legal, policy and organizational level. We will present the projects current findings with a focus on legal barriers and technical barriers (which is a relevant issue at the moment given the upcoming copyright reform and exception for text-and datamining). This session will be interactive where we share our experiences helping governments open up their data,and to hear the audience's experiences and get feedback on the proposed practices and policies. The purpose of the workshop is partly to raise awareness about the topics and to have the opportunity to share and hear from the audience their experiences with TDM, how to make data TDM proof and to help improve the uptake of TDM. You can find out more about the project at www.futuretdm.eu.

Mine the Government Workshop on open data and text- and data mining.

TDM technology can help find new patterns, new correlations, new insights into the large amount of information and data that is produced every day. Governments and corporations are using data to create knowledge about the world, and make decisions. Because it is so important we want to know why people are not using it more.

The FutureTDM project has spent the last year looking at the TDM landscape and identified several barriers. We look forward to discuss these findings with you and get your feedback on how we can improve the uptake of text and datamining.

We have invited 3 speakers to give different perspectives on the issue working with open data, governments and governmental data.

Moderator Freyja van den Boom, Project manager and researcher for FutureTDM at Open Knowledge International, Freyja will present the FutureTDM project and the topic of the workshop on the barriers for text-and datamining identified by the FutureTDM consortium.

Speakers Mireille. van Eechoud Professor of Information Law, and director of IViR's LLM programme in Information Law. She will be speaking about the legal aspects of Text-and Datamining in relation to the emergent regulatory framework for open data and reuse of public sector data.

Katelyn Rogers, Working Groups Community Manager at Open Knowledge International, Katelyn will discuss the Global Open Data Index and her experiences on crowdsourcing and working with governments and governmental data.

Diana Krebs Project Manager @openspending at Open Knowledge International. She will present the OpenSpending project and share experiences on (re) use of open data.

After the presentations there will be time to share and discuss barriers and enablers for TDM.


12:00 Introduction FutureTDM : improving the uptake of TDM in the EU 12:15 Barriers: Legal aspects of TDM and Open Data 12:35 Project presentation: The Global Open Data Index 12:50 Project presentation: OpenSpending 13:05 Knowledge Cafe: Discussion with participants about The Barriers and Enablers 13:25 Wrap up: action points for FutureTDM

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