“Having the right kind of information and having it used”:Increasing the Effectiveness of Natural Resource and Environmental Information Disclosure

Both OGP governments and civil society share the objective of wanting timely and accurate information on natural resources and the environment disclosed, in order to increase transparency and accountability. However, there is often confusion about the specifics of what types of information should be disclosed, what the information will be used for, and what is the best platform for releasing it. This can cause tension between civil society and governments, as civil society feels like governments are not releasing the right kinds of information, and governments feel like civil society cannot clearly articulate what information they need. The Openness in Natural Resources Working Group (http://www.opengovpartnership.org/groups/naturalresources) will host this session to bring together key government and civil society leaders to build a shared understanding of what kind of environmental and natural resource information can and should be shared to meet different objectives, and address the challenge of getting the right kind of information out and used effectively by civil society for change. The session will tackle questions around framing data and information release based on civil society and local community needs, and provide a forward looking approach to the development of categories of critical data that enable private and public sector accountability for the use of natural resources. There will be an honest discussion of the main challenges and to be overcome to reduce inefficiencies in building platforms and systems and key priorities for the release of data and information. Expected outcomes: By demonstrating real world cases challenges around releasing data specific to the natural resource sector we hope to challenge participants to think about how experiences from varying countries can assist us in establishing priorities for data release. The 2 primary outcomes will be: 1) Provide concrete solutions to government on how to prioritize and enable the release of specific categories of data to help their own analysis and ensure accountability in ensuring equitable outcomes for companies and communities 2) Increase the level of sophistication in civil society’s demands for environmental information disclosure so that they can be more articulate and effective in communicating to governments. Target audience: Civil society and Government reformers working on natural resource and environmental data disclosure projects, or who are interested in learning more about information disclosure challenges. Possible Participants: Mexico Government– Ramon Olivas, Government of Mexico – Experience in working with civil society to define social and environmental data to release, and to increase the transparency mechanisms of the extractive industries through OGP and EITI Mongolia Government– Release by Government of environmental data as a result of a starred OGP commitment and its use by civil society (TBC) OR Philippines/ Colombia – Releasing data beyond EITI and its important (social and environmental data) (TBC) Natural Resource Governance Institute- Resource Contracts.org–experience in civil society use of EITI data World Resources Institute – Building civil society demand and ability to use technical data for accountability

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