How did your country spend its EU Subsidy?

## Experiences from the 'Structural and Cohesion Funds dataproject and pilots' at __Group__: 1 - Public and economic sector transparency __Track__: 4 - Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption __Type__: Pitch __Language__: en __Committee Rating__: 5.00 / 5 (2 votes) __Public Rating__: 5.00 / 5 (1 votes) ### Abstract Since January 2016, the project has been tracing EU Subsidies to increase transparency in the European Cohesion and Investment funds. We have brought together all the data on EU Investment Funds in one place, made it searchable, and supported advocacy organizations and journalists to tell stories with the data. At OGP, we will present the project and take the audience through the different case studies that highlight both the increased transparency of the EU as well as the process of setting up a large scale data project. The project has a two-tier approach, and this will also be reflected in the structure of the pitch. First, we brought over a 100 datasets of EU funded projects together. Second, we ran a number of pilots and case-studies to tell stories with the data and increase transparency around the European Cohesion and Investment Funds. The pitch will revolve around the overarching story on how to trace public money with open data, how to set up a large scale data project, and how we have used different methodologies, standards, and tools to realize this large scale open financial data project. The cases and pilot studies that we have developed in the realm of this project will be waved through our story illustrating the lessons we learned and best practices on setting up an open data story, whilst at the same time giving insights in financial transparency in the European Union in their own right. The pitch is presented by Anna Alberts from the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, who is lead Dissemination and Communication for She has been working on the opening of the Cohesion and Structural Funds data from January 2016 onwards. ### [submitter - Anna Alberts]( __Nickname__: Anna Alberts __Affiliation__: Open Knowledge Foundation Germany ### Other Informations __Creation Date__: 2016-07-18 18:46:04 __Update Date__: 2016-07-18 18:48:33 __Expected Audience__: 50
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Dear Anna Alberts,
I am living in Hungary. I think I have knowledge (contract) that our goverment is giving about 30milliard forints to his friends, stealing from Hungarian citizens. I want to inform the Hungarian goverment about it. But I am affraid that I may be killed.
Can You help to save me?