Leveraging the Citizen Open Mapping Movement

Through a panel presentation, we aim to highlight innovative uses of open mapping by Open Government Partnership member countries and to encourage additional OGP countries to adopt open mapping as a strategy for citizen engagement and improving open data. We would like OGP countries who are involved or interested in open mapping to set measurable goals and commitments in their National Action Plan 3.1. This session will provide solid impact cases touching on resilience cities, open mapping,business and community engagement. This panel will deepen the conversation around open mapping that was started at last year's OGP Summit in Mexico through a similar open mapping panel and a mapathon.

Open or crowdsourced mapping describes how millions of people are using collaborative, wiki-like tools to contribute to maps of the world. Open mapping projects bring together citizens, governments, the private sector, humanitarian organizations and students to create shared layers of useful geographic data. These data are used for a variety of objectives, including disaster preparedness and response, improved addressing systems, strengthened public health systems, and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Recently, the White House hosted its second Mapathon celebrating citizen involvement in open mapping projects across the U.S. Government. Five U.S. Government agencies made strong commitments to increase their creation and use of open geographic data in the US' Third National Action Plan. We will feature examples from France, Mexico, Tanzania, and more in order to energize additional OGP countries to explore and implement creative strategies for engaging citizens in open mapping work that addresses their country’s complex challenges.

This panel will be moderated by Heather Leson, who manages Data Literacy for the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Cresent and is a Board Member for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. Christian Quest of France’s Etalab, President, OpenStreetMap France; Miriam Gonzalez, Community Engagement OpenStreetMap Mexico and LatAm; Davida Wood Senior Associate, Energy Program and Governance Center World Resources Institute, and Christina Franken, Lead of the Mapbox Cities mentorship program will present their work. We engage citizen mappers to create and use open geographic data such as Canada, France, Mexico and USA as well as larger global communities who map in Nepal, Indonesia and Tanzania.

Heather will prompt panel speakers to engage in discussions around current and emerging uses of open geographic data in government and institutions; spaces for collaboration between citizen mappers, open data communities and government; and strategies for creating, collecting and using open mapping toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Some examples about Missing Maps, an initiative of the American Red Cross, Medicine Sans Frontiers, Netherlands Red Cross, British Red Cross, Cartong and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team will also be shared.

(This proposal was prepared by Courtney Clark originally. We thank her for her contribution.)

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