Open Government in Challenging Contexts

This session aims to bring stakeholders working on open government reforms in challenging contexts, including countries undergoing reconciliation and state building processes, to share challenges and opportunities for open government reforms in such contexts; conflict sensitive approaches to reforms and ways in which OGP can be a useful platform for reformers working towards making governments more accountable, responsive, and inclusive in these countries.

Navigating the reconstruction, reconciliation and stabilization challenges in countries undergoing peace and state building processes and addressing weak institutional capacities is a complex task. It is precisely in such contexts that open government reforms and OGP can be useful for building trust between the state and its citizens and making governments more inclusive and responsive to its citizens. However, the entrenched drivers of institutional weakness or conflict make meaningful implementation of open government reforms or forging partnerships across divided groups a challenging task. Reformers in such contexts also have the added responsibility of ensuring that their work does not inadvertently put communities at risk or exacerbate problems of exclusion. This session will bring together government, civil society and other practitioners working on open government in such contexts to share their experiences, successes and lessons learned and explore how OGP can be a useful platform for change, and ways in which it will need to adapt to promote and sustain government and civil society collaboration in delivering transformative change for citizens.

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