Publish Your First Dataset!

The objective of this workshop is to introduce participants to the process of publishing a dataset. Within the Open Data community, there is often a gap between technical and non-technical users. Some have advanced programming skills, while others have never written a line of code in their life. This disconnect must be bridged, and one way to do that is to introduce the less technically-skilled users to the more technical side of Open Data. So, let’s publish some data together!

This session is built for members of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) or other non-technical re-users of Open Data who may never have had the chance to publish datasets of their own. In exposing open data re-users to the process of publishing data, they will get a deeper understanding of Metadata, file formats and APIs, empowering them to make better data reuses and eventually publish Open Data of their own.Through a deeper understanding of Open Data, they will also be better ambassadors for Open Data within their own communities, able to advocate for better Open Data policy to maximize their communities' Open Data initiatives.

Datasets used in this demonstration will come from pre-existing open datasets. Participants will have the chance to join datasets into one in order to enrich the data. They will also pay close attention to the data quality.

This session will be led by Nicolas Terpolilli, the Chief Data Officer at OpenDataSoft.

Participants should create an OpenDataSoft account before the session here:

*The workshop will cover the following subjects: * 1. Importance of user-friendly design in Open Data Portals 2. Publishing a dataset: - Simple Dataset - Geographic Dataset - Publishing a Dataset with an API 3. How to make Open Data useful with analysis tools, map builders, and APIs

Materials: Participants should come with a computer or tablet.

Nicolas will select a dataset that is already available on a government Open Data portal, and guide participants through the process of cleaning the data, processing the data, adding metadata to the dataset, and publishing the data. Participants will then learn about ways to share the data, including through APIs and embedding into websites. Participants will be able to ask questions throughout the session to get a deeper understanding of the concepts and tasks at hand.

We believe that if all members of the Open Data community have exposure to the technical side of Open Data, the community as a whole will be stronger.

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