Joined-Up Data Standards: moving from principles to practice

## The objective of this event is to start a discussion between stakeholders on what technical and policy solutions to the interoperability challenge could look like. __Group__: 3 - Climate change and sustainable development __Track__: 5 - Digital and development __Type__: Workshop __Language__: en __Committee Rating__: 4.00 / 5 (1 votes) __Public Rating__: 5.00 / 5 (6 votes) ### Abstract This event is a workshop that will be structured around four questions: • How do interoperability challenges materialise at the national level? Are there any challenges that developing countries face in particular? What do feasible solutions look like? • What role could the OGP and member-state national action plans play in moving from recognition of the need to overcome interoperability challenges to implementing solutions? • What are the main changes and next steps participants would like to see at the international level when it comes to the governance of standard-setting processes? • What do appropriate technical solutions look like? Is there a need for a checklist for new data standards to ensure interoperability is built into new standards from the outset? If so, what should it include? The workshop will begin with a 10 minute introduction to the questions, drawing on the research findings and recommendations of the Joined-up Data Standards Project's consultation paper. The workshop will then split into four sub-groups for a period of 30 minutes; each group will consider one of the above questions. Each group will then have 5 minutes to report back to the workshop as a whole. The final 20 minutes will be a moderated open discussion between all participants. A summary of recommendations, actions and next steps will be compiled for the OGP community and steering committee. This session will also play an important part in informing action on joined-up data in other key international and national processes. The workshop will be moderated by one individual with support from four discussion leaders who will also be participants in the sub-group discussions. Each sub-group will be provided with a brief handout of information they may want to consider and draw on in their discussions. We will invite a range of participants from: OGP member states; major international organisations and standard-setting institutions; multi-stakeholder initiatives; civil society; and, the private sector to participate in the event. The event will be moderated; however moderation will be kept to a minimum – the objective is to achieve as free-flowing discussion as possible. The discussions will be supported by facilitators and note-takers. ### Description 4x flipcharts, whiteboard, 5x markers, videocamera, notepads x5, pens x10 ### [submitter - Joined-Up Data Standards]( __Nickname__: JUDS __Affiliation__: A joint project between Development Initiatives and Publish What You Fund #### Biography Data has immense potential to help drive more open and accountable governance as well as poverty eradication and sustainable development, but right now it is incredibly difficult to join up the data we have on money, people and results, because it is published in different formats and to different standards. This stops it from being turned into useful information for decision-making and accountability. To solve this, we need to enable existing and future standards to join up. Development Initiatives and Publish What You Fund are working together to make this happen by focusing on technical solutions and political will. Efforts to join up data will help equip decision-makers and those holding them to account with vital information. ### Other Informations __Creation Date__: 2016-07-19 14:31:34 __Update Date__: 2016-07-19 14:40:36 __Expected Audience__: 50
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