Open data portals: why can't we reach everyone. How to avoid creating useless websites

## A collaborative debate based on user centered practice __Group__: 2 - Digital __Track__: 7 - Open data and Open resources __Type__: Roundtable __Language__: en __Committee Rating__: 5.00 / 5 (2 votes) __Public Rating__: 4.84 / 5 (19 votes) ### Abstract We read and heard a lot that open data portals are built for all, regardless the level of knowledge about technical issues. Quotes such us “All citizens are able to navigate and reuse the open data catalog to create new data, to build data visualizations and to make analysis or developing applications” are very common in our community, but are we doing the best we can? Are we really opening and creating data for everyone? What is missing? What are we assuming? Are we recreating and elite of small users? We want to tell you our stories: what is like to work with open data portals everyday. Each specific part of the debate will be introduced by questions and examples supported by evidence collected in different projects of W3C Brazil and, the Government Digital Innovation Lab, Innovación urbana Sustentable and the data journalism team of LA NACION newspaper. As we strongly believe in radical collaboration during the roundtable we will try to collect all the voices of participants to co-create, publish and share a document that contains all the views expressed at the session. We, the users, want to be listened by our community in order to stop creating great open data portals that only work in the theory and start creating them to work in practice. **Session schedule ** Quick introduction of the moderators (10 minutes). Roundtable discussion (50 min) Conclusions (10 minutes) Reading and feedback of the final document to share with the open data community (10 minutes) Moderators: Caroline Burle - W3C Brazil Silvia Da Rosa - Government Digital Innovation Lab (Uruguay) Carolina Contreras Hugot - Innovación Urbana Sustentable (Chile) Romina Colman - LA NACION DATA - LA NACION newspaper (Argentina) ### Description Whiteboard, post its and one computer ### [submitter - Romina Colman]( #### Biography Data Journalist at LA NACION newspaper (Argentina) ### Other Informations __Creation Date__: 2016-07-20 20:36:18 __Update Date__: 2016-07-21 13:30:59 __Expected Audience__: 30
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On this issue how to create limited and useful sites you can contact the developers of who have a good experience.