The Network for integrity

For the past 10 years, the International Anti-Corruption Day, celebrated on December 9, aims to raise awareness among citizens and public officials on damages caused by corruption. For those who fight for democratic change in their countries (institutions, CSO…), the Paris 2016 OGP Summit offers an opportunity to exchange experiences and find best practices that can be adapted and refined to meet local conditions.

That’s why, on this special day, 14 national public institutions that address issues related to ethics, transparency and accountability will inaugurate the “Network for Integrity”. The Network will promote a more open and accountable governance by enabling cooperation between its members and ensuring an advocacy function towards international and civil society organizations.

The main objectives and challenges of the Network will be presented during this roundtable. Speakers will also discuss on various issues raised by corruption and breaches of ethics and will identify tools that can improve institutions’ efficacy and responds to citizens’ expectations.

Moderator : David GINOCCHI, Head of Legal and Studies Department, High Authority for transparency in public life (France)

Speakers :

  • Ban KI-MOON, Secretary-General, ONU
  • Amira YAHYAOUI, Founder and Chair, Al Bawsala (Tunisia); Vital Voices Global Trailblazer (2012); Norwegian Linderbraeke Award for Human Rights ; French Fondation Chirac award on conflict prevention (2014)
  • Jean-Louis NADAL, President, High Authority for transparency in public life (France)
  • Cristina TARNA, Deputy Director, National Anti-corruption Center (Moldova)
  • Joel Salas SUAREZ, Commissionner, National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information & Private Data Protection (Mexico)

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